GMF, ECA and CANHC announce New Global Partnership of municipalities with nuclear facilities

Mayors and elected representatives from over 25 countries gathered in Vienna for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Technical Meeting For Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities, October 31 to November 4. The event provides an opportunity for dialogue among elected officials of local communities hosting or potentially hosting nuclear power plants and radioactive waste management facilities; nuclear site owners; operators and regulators.

On the margins of this meeting, Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities in Europe (GMF Europe), Energy Communities Alliance (ECA), and Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities (CANHC) and other international organizations realized the untapped potential of working with similar municipal organizations across the globe.

These group discussions show the critical role for host communities living with nuclear facilities, and the challenges and opportunities for producing carbon-free, baseload energy and address the nuclear fuel cycle.” said ECA Chairman and West Richland Mayor/CEO Brent Gerry.

Mayor Adrian Foster, mayor of Clarington in Ontario and Chair of CANHC stated “Amongst the outcomes from the shared dialogue was recognition that the current and future nuclear industry is fully dependent on the support of willing local host communities. As such, there is an expectation that the nuclear operators and nuclear supply chain provide meaningful support to the local host communities.

GMF President and Mayor of Kävlinge in Sweden, mayor Pia Almström stated “An open and transparent approach toward municipalities is key to engaging them in long-term dialogue. GMF, ECA and CANHC are grateful to the IAEA and its leadership for creating a forum to bring together municipalities and share experience on topics of interest to current and proposed host nuclear communities.

The three organizations will continue their individual and joint advocacy for support for local host communities among regulators, current and future nuclear industry, and other members of the nuclear supply chain.

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Participants at the IAEA meeting in Vienna on Monday 31st October