GMF extended steering committee met in Barcelona

Members of the GMF extended Steering Committee met on 24-25 November in Barcelona to plan the strategy of GMF for the next years. The president, Ms. Pia Almström and vice presidents, Mr. Philip Matthews, Mr. Gerben Dijcksterhuis; Mr. Mats Rosén, assistant to GMF President; Mr. Ted Linqvist (KSO, Sweden), Mr. Kris van Dijck (Dessel, Belgium), Ms. Teresa Durán and Mr. Mariano Vila d’Abadal (AMAC, Spain); Mr. Patrick Fauchon (ARCICEN, France) and GMF coordinator, Ms. Meritxell Martell.

The GMF extended steering committee will establish contacts with EU Parliamentarians, European Commission and European organisations with similar interests as GMF to discuss the role of nuclear energy in the energy transition towards decarbonisation.