Meetings & Events

GMF holds two annual meetings: one in spring or summer focused on radioactive waste and the annual GMF General Assembly with a seminar usually in October or November.

Previous seminars have addressed topics such as radioactive waste management, nuclear emergencies and preparedness, socio-economic development after the phase out of nuclear, participation and communication related to nuclear activities.

GMF has collaborated with EC institutions and other organisations to co-organise seminars and events on nuclear matters. In 2019, GMF collaborated with Les Entretiens Européens and FinNuclear to co-organise the conference “New nuclear: a response to the electrical changes in our society in Europe?” held in Helsinki on 12-13 November 2019.

The 2020 GMF seminar and General Assembly were held virtually on 6 October 2020. The programme and presentations of the GMF seminar are available below.