Meetings & Events

GMF holds two annual meetings: one in spring or summer focused on radioactive waste and the annual GMF General Assembly with a seminar usually in October or November.

Previous seminars have addressed topics such as radioactive waste management, nuclear emergencies and preparedness, socio-economic development after the phase out of nuclear, participation and communication related to nuclear activities.

The latest meeting was held in Krško (Slovenia) from 16 to 17 May 2022. Presentations are available below:

Introductory presentation from the mayor Krško Miran Stanko

Presentation “brief updates for IAEA work on stakeholder engagement” from IAEA_Shin Horiguchi

Presentation “operational status of Krško nuclear power plant” from Mr. Stane Rozman (NEK)

Presentation “GEN’s vision for decarbonisation and energy independence by 2035” from Mr. Danijel Levičar, GEN energija

Presentation “radioactive waste management in Slovenia” from Mr. Tomaz Žagar,  Nuclear Society of Slovenia

Preparation for the working group discussion


GMF co-organised together with AMAC an online seminar on “closure and decommissioning of nuclear power plants: socio-economic impacts”  on 26 February 2021 with the aim to exchange experience regarding the socio-economic impacts involved in the decision of closing and decommissioning a nuclear power plant. Recording and presentations are available at the link


The 2020 GMF seminar and General Assembly were held virtually on 6 October 2020. The programme and presentations of the GMF seminar are available below.


GMF has also collaborated with EC institutions and other organisations to co-organise seminars and events on nuclear matters. In 2019, GMF collaborated with Les Entretiens Européens and FinNuclear to co-organise the conference “New nuclear: a response to the electrical changes in our society in Europe?” held in Helsinki on 12-13 November 2019.