GMF co-organised together with AMAC an online seminar on “nuclear power plant shutdown and decommissioning: socio-economic impacts”  held on 26 February 2021 with the aim to exchange experience regarding the socio-economic impacts involved in the decision of closing and decommissioning a nuclear power plant. There was interpretation English – French – Spanish thanks to the support from the European Commission DG Energy. Presentations and videos of the different sessions are available below.


Welcome speeches video by Mr. Pedro Sánchez Yebra, President of AMAC (in Spanish /castellano) and Ms. Pia Almström, GMF President  (in English)

Video of the presentation of Dr. Tanja Perko (in English)

Video of the session on Spain (in Spanish / en castellano)

Video sur le cas de Fessenheim (en français)

Video on the UK session (in English)

Video on the session on Bulgaria (in Bulgarian) and debate of the sessions from France, UK and Bulgaria 

Closing remarks by Ms. Pia Almström, GMF President (in English) and Mr. Pedro Sánchez Yebra, President of AMAC (in Spanish /castellano) 


The case of Kävlinge in Sweden, Ms. Pia Almström, GMF President, Sweden

Public knowledge, perceptions and views about decommissioning: the case of Belgium, Dr. Tanja Perko, SCK CEN, Belgium

Impact on employment and economic investment related to dismantlingMr. Manuel Rodríguez Silva, Director of Operations, Enresa, Spain

Regional and local impacts of nuclear power plants closure and dismantling, Mr. Alfons Garcia, mayor of Vandellòs-l’Hospitalet de l’Infant and AMAC vice-president, Spain

Impacts of the closure of Fessenheim, Mr. Claude Brender, mayor of Fessenheim, president of ARCICEN (association of municipalities with nuclear facilities), France

Decommissioning and Site Remediation in the UK: The NDA’s Local Social and Economic Impact Strategy, Mr. Neil Smith, Business Development Manager for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), United Kingdom

Decommissioning and socio-economics: a Nuleaf perspective, Mr. Philip Matthews, NuLeAF, United Kingdom

Economic impacts of the closure and decommissioning of the four reactors in the area of Kozloduy nuclear power plant, Mr. Giorgi Kirkov, deputy mayor of Kozloduy municipality, Bulgaria