GMF present at the ENEF

GMF participated at the European Nuclear Energy Forum held in Prague on 10 and 11 November 2022. Mr. Yves D’Eer, emergency coordinator in Beveren (Belgium), provided the point of view of local representatives in the topics discussed related to investments and strategies for decarbonisation. Mr. Jan D. Oker-Blom, mayor of Loviisa, also participated in the ENEF as a GMF member.

GMF is a member of ENEF Steering Comittee.

The recording is available at:

Mr. Yves D’Eer presentation can be found at 8:15:15.

The summary of his intervention is below:

Today we discussed all these great opportunities and challenges in nuclear. But if you want recycling, GEN4, isotopes, SMR and all other techniques in the future then we need the will to talk about nuclear opportunities and even learn to embrace it again. I think today we felt convergence on that.

In our hosting municipalities our family and friends work and live around the facilities. We see that these people even tend to become ambassadors of nuclear. Because they seem to be the most informed citizens and are at ease with it. Although, the existing hosts learned on the fly. Stakeholder engagement should stay on top of mind in the nuclear renaissance. And you shouldn’t take acceptance for granted. It’s an iterative process.

We will need nuclear for energy production, for medical isotopes, food security needs and we will have to deal with the nuclear legacy, waste management. Radioactive waste is a pending issue for most countries, also the ones without nuclear production. And again, public participation is a precondition for a transparent and successful search for a repository site. The affected regions and local communities need to see that the process is transparent, that they have had opportunities to be listened to, to be involved in the process and influenced (more or less) the outcome.

The local communities involved tell us they are at ease and even happy with the outcome. People just want policy makers to decide, not to stall on things.

We are supposed to be in the centre of a clean energy transition, according to European Directives. This should also be the case for nuclear. Local communities can and want to help contribute to a more decarbonized energy system.

For the transition we need younger generations to become and stay interested in nuclear, but then they need to feel that they can be part of the solution. And thus, we need to show them that we have solutions. Finland and Sweden are already part of the solution. They decided on their final repository.

Switzerland chose NAGRA to be part of the solution. If the referendum turns out positive for this solution.

This morning we heard about the joint Czech and Slovakian proposition. Let’s promote nuclear among young generations, let’s empower young professionals interested in working in the safe use of nuclear energy by having an open and honest approach to nuclear energy.

We need nuclear scientists that want to work on solutions.

People need an honest approach with all benefits and all challenges addressed to.

We must talk openly about uncertainties in a scientific way in a fact-based way. Always focused on solutions and with respect for whatever was decided.