GMF steering committee virtual meetings and covid-19

Since January 2020, when the new GMF steering committee took over, meetings have been held at least once a month virtually to plan this year’s activities. The COVID-19 pandemic has showed us how important it is for territories to connect with each other and coordinate responses. Those which are less vulnerable now could be most vulnerable tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to continue to support and encourage the communication and the exchange of experience among local communities which experience similar issues and concerns.

One of the aims of the new steering committee of GMF, elected in November 2019 in Helsinki, is to strengthen the association to become the voice of the local level in nuclear matters in Europe. In addition, the exchange of experience now proves more relevant than ever, searching for mutually supportive practices among European regions. Given the current situation during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the meeting planned in June 2020 to be held in Krsko, Slovenia, has been postponed to 2021