GMF Seminar 2020 on nuclear highlights at local level

This year the GMF Seminar took place on 6th October on-line, after the GMF Annual Assembly. Apart from the opening speech from Mr. Guisset, Head of Sector – Decommissioning from DG Energy, the following GMF members – Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK – provided presentations on their national and local situation. The recording of the seminar is available from the GMF website. The information on country updates, as provided in the seminar and in the regular meetings of the extended steering committee, are regularly updated on the nuclear highlights section in the country profiles of our members. You are welcome to contact to provide updated information on the national and local situation.


Future activities of GMF

Participation of GMF in the Russian event of ANPTT Fund

The president of GMF, Ms. Pia Almström and the vicepresident Mr. Gerben Dijksterhuis, will participate in the extended meeting of the “ANPTT Fund” for development of municipal entities in Russia to be held on 23rd November 2020. Mr. Dijksterhuis will give a presentation as part of the session on the “experience of the municipalities in Russia and abroad in developing and implementing measures of socio-economic support for businesses and the population in the context of a pandemic”.


New seminar on decommissioning in February 2021 – final dates to be announced

After the extended steering committee meeting held on 12 November where most GMF countries are represented, GMF and AMAC decided to co-organise a seminar on decommissioning and the socio-economic impacts at the local level. The seminar will be organised virtually on February 2021. More information will be available on-line in the next weeks. If the members want to contribute to drafting the programme of the seminar or want to share their ideas, please get in contact with the GMF co-ordinator at