GMF contribution to nuclear emergencies European project

GMF represents civil society in the European funded project Implementation of Nuclear and Radiological Emergency Preparedness and Response Requirements in EU Member States and Neighbouring Countries -(2021-2022) coordinated by NucAdvisor. The final workshop of the project took place in Luxembourg on 13-14 December 2022 and Mr. Yves D’Eer, emergency coordinator from Beveren (Belgium) gave a presentaiton on “Hosting EP&R: Insights from the Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities”. Mr. D’Eer brought a positive message to the project, which aims at progression by working together in the planning and exercising process. GMF is an active partner in emergency preparedness and adds the practical knowledge and field experience in conventional and nuclear emergency planning and response. A real involvement of local communities and legal commitments in all European Member States are crucial to ensure local ability to follow up emergency preparedness and response.

Participants at the final workshop in Luxembourg, with Mr. Yves D’Eer representing GMF (second from left).