The Global Partnership of Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities calls for greater support for communities in the development of new nuclear energy capacity

Participants from CANHC, ECA, and GMF meet in Paducah, KY

The U.S.-based Energy Communities Alliance (ECA), the Group of Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities in Europe (GMF Europe), and the Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities (CANHC) met this week in Paducah, Kentucky, USA on the sidelines of the ECA Nuclear Development Forum: Building Capacity and Opportunity.

This is the second meeting of the global partnership of municipalities hosting or candidates to host nuclear facilities, which was formed after a meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna last November.

The Global Partnership of Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities highlights best practices for national and federal governments and nuclear interests for a holistic and sustainable approach for nuclear projects at the local level. This includes:

  • Early engagement with host municipalities on all aspects of the project;
  • Resources for local/nuclear long-term partnerships;
  • Socio-economic opportunities for the local and neighboring communities;
  • Capacity building of the local community and the workforce;
  • Protection of human health and the environment.

The Global Partnership also signed a joint statement acknowledging the central role of local leaders in advancing a low-carbon energy transition and the accompanying need to provide communities with appropriate resources to comprehensively engage in the siting processes of nuclear facilities. Municipal representatives in nuclear communities serve a key role in enabling the supply of safe, secure, and reliable energy and its safe disposal.

CANHC Chair Adrian Foster observed that, “Without willing host communities, there is no nuclear industry. Governments and the industry need to meaningfully engage and support host communities to deliver a low-carbon future”.

GMF President Pia Almström highlighted the need to actively involve local communities in decisions regarding nuclear matters, stating, “We should not forget the engagement of local communities in the full nuclear life cycle: from uranium mining to disposal. The agreements between the Department of Energy and local communities in the United States and the experience gained from these agreements present valuable insights that European institutions and national governments in Europe may find worthwhile.”

ECA Chair Mayor Brent Gerry remarked that, “Organizations like those comprising our Global Partnership play a critical role in lifting up the community voice, which is essential for all conversations about hosting nuclear projects. We look forward to maintaining and expanding this international consortium – ensuring cooperation, coordination, and communication across all of our nations.”

IAEA representatives also participated in the meeting of the Global Partnership. The IAEA has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication in promoting the international cooperation among local communities and fostering this international collaboration.

The Global Partnership will continue to have regular meetings of mutual interest. Municipalities and associations of municipalities hosting or potentially hosting nuclear facilities in other parts of the world are invited to contact us for further collaboration.

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