GMF president and vicepresident at the virtual extended meeting of ANPPT

On 23rd November Ms. Pia Almström, GMF president and Mr. Gerben Dijksterhuis, vicepresident and mayor of Borsele, participated at the extended meeting of the Fund for development of municipal entities “Association of nuclear power plant’s territories” (ANPPT) from Russia. The chairman of the Fund, Mr. Nikolay Nikolaevich Netyaga, presented an overview areas of work of the Fund ANPPT. This was followed by presentations on two main topics:

a) the experience of municipalities in Russia and abroad in developing and implementing measures of socio-economic support for businesses and the population in the context of a pandemic; 

b) the development of digitalization in municipal urban management in Russia and abroad. 

Mr. Netyaga gave a presentation on the experience of Russian municipalities in the development and implementation of measures of socio-economic support for business and the population in a pandemic. From Belarus, the chairman of the Ostrovets district committee, Mr. Igor Shaludin, provided an overview of their experience. Mr. Dijksterhuis (picture below) gave a presentation on the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in the region of Zeeland in the Netherlands. Mr. Dijksterhuis also presented a video by local entrepreneurs explaining how the covid-19 pandemic affected their activities and the measures undertaken by the government.  

The association of municipalities TEIT from Hungary, also members of GMF, participated actively in the meeting as well. The mayor of Gerjen city, Mr. Karoly Romhanyi, gave a presentation on developing strategies for digitalization of settlements in Hungary. TEIT signed a cooperation plan with the Fund ANPTT.